Monday, January 03, 2011

My Site Moved!!!

Hey if anyone ended up here you are in the wrong place...I moved my site here!


Check it out!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"STRONG" *Illustration Friday *

So here is my take on "strong". Man I wish I didn't have a regular job so I could spend more time on these. I like the idea of having ridiculous circus acts. I may go deeper into creating more and more ridiculous ones just because. I am doing a watercolor version of this piece at home...I may post that when I am done. I'm just so slow at using watercolor. Oh well...between playing BEATLES™ ROCK BAND™ and watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua I was able to come up with this!

I wish I was lying about watching that movie!


Thursday, September 03, 2009

"MAGNIFY" *Illustration Friday *

So here is my new one. I got the idea right away for some reason. I have had my share of pouring salt on snails. I don't remember enjoying it, well maybe a little, I mean come on, you hold the POWER OF LIFE in your sweet little, chubby, booger coated fingers. Who would have thought something so enjoyable on eggs could be so so deadly! And really who was the first kid to do this...and how many other things did he/she pour salt on before hitting the JACKPOT!!!

As for the coloring i have tried to stay away from digital coloring. I find that having SO many options actually makes it more difficult. You don't have to think as much, and for me I need all the thinking time I can get! But for the sake of time I colored this one digitally...hopefully back to traditional next week!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"WRAPPED" *Illustration Friday *

So I decided that I should maybe start drawing again...I mean, I did go to school for it. But now that I live the life as a "designer" I don't get to do much drawing or original art. This made me realize, now that I am an old man I need to start doing the things I like to drawing, picking fights with toddlers and ballroom dancing. Here is my quick piece on "wrapped".

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Small Watercolor Paintings

Here are some small watercolor paintings I'v done, Im new to water color so these are somewhat of a test as well!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Childhood Memories *Lava Monster*

I had the opportunity to do a piece representing "Childhood Memories". I haven't painted in such a long time so it was really fun and challenging at the same time. It is 11x17 and done in Cel-Vinyl. I am in the mist of creating another much smaller piece for the show..stay tuned!


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So Comic-Con came and went and I did a little book about the 80's. It was fun to relive all the stuff from the past. My Wife and I watched some 80's movies to get inspired and man some of them were rough! Some lived up to how i remember them, like Gremlins and Harry and the Henderson's. Brave little toaster..not so hot. Anyhow here are a few selections from the book!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Super Hero" *Illustration Friday*

Happy New Year!
I haven't done this (Illustration Friday) for a while and I didn't really have time to color so i did a quick pass at it. This idea just kind of stuck me as funny! I remember as a kid I would do this and pretend I was flying. Until the day my face got too low and it slid on the dirt below...that was not fun! This makes me think about how now a days parks are WAY to kid friendly. What ever happened to Dirt, Grass & Asphalt. You know stuff that can hurt you but not kill you. Now the ground is all rubber and the play sets are plastic...back in my day they were metal. Remember sliding down a HOT metal those were the days!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"SMOKE" *Illustration Friday*

Well here I am once again, this week was kind of hard. I have been sleep deprived and just overall slow going. I got this idea from my girlfriend Vanessa...She suggested the guy from Alice in Wonderland smoking! So once again I did most of the work during my lunch hour from work. I have been working on my coloring skillz, I'd say it is my weakness but I will keep pluggin' away at it until I get it right.

Thanks for everyone who comments, it really helps!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"WIND" *Illustration Friday*

Well it is that time again! Here is my idea for Illustration Friday. I changed the composition a few times and am trying new stuff with color...Like coloring the lines and not just leaving them black. It been such a challenge trying to do these between work and all, but in the long run it really pushes me to be creative and not just go home and sit in front of the TV!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"GHOST" *Illustration Friday *

Well here is my entry for Illustration Friday. It's a take on the "Ghost Hunter" TV shows, where people pretend they hear and see ghost. I personally can't watch it cause I get to scared. Kinda' like when I HEAR the "Unsolved Mystery's" theme song I just get all freaked out. That's right I am a 29 year old beast of a man scared of ghost, monsters and especially aliens!



Friday, October 20, 2006

"Smitten" *Illustration Friday!*

I am the kind of guy that needs to be TOLD what to do! That said my friend Richard Pose directed me to the website/blog "Illutration Friday" , where they give you a topic each weeka nd you do a drawing on it! Well here is my first go and the topic was "Smitten". I sketched and inked and colored during my lunch hours this week off and on. I can see myself really gettig into and you have to be kind of fast. So without further ado here it is! On to next week challange!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

That's My Baby!

Well I know this image is a little gross...But I did it for a friend and I want to keep posting what I am doing. It was done as a banner for his weblog. I normally try to stay PC, but this is about as "Dirty" as I get!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bunny in a Suit!

Here is a quick drawing I did during my lunch hour at work...I didn't know what to draw so I remembered an ongoing Mattart message board thread, Animals in a Business Suit! So i colored it real quick. Enjoy...if you want!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So i did this quick sketch and colored it for a friend of mine...he now owes me dinner! I was thinking souplanation or perhaps outback! Anyways it was done for a publication, the story is of a guy who waits on the driveway for someone to come buy a house!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Reflections on the "CON"

Well this is a lot late but I wanted to post the cover for my first book for Comic Con! I am now apart of a group of super talented guys knows as "The Those Guys"...Check out the link on the side for our groups blog! The overall experience was so great and I can't wait till next year! Along with the cover I am also posting some of the finished illustrations from inside the book!

Monday, June 05, 2006


One of my nephews mailed to me a letter and a picture he drew. There is something very cool about getting a letter from a 5 year old kid, his drawing was rad, your run of the mill circle for a head AND body and arms coming out of that circle…it was cool. Anyways I decided to draw a picture back and send it to him. Since they are really into wresting I decided to draw both my nephews in a dream situation and here it is!


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Something Smells Fishy!?

I was asked to draw a shark and have a smaller fish coming out of its mouth. So I did a quick sketch and ink, followed by a quick color study. I think I might try it again but I thought I'd post something to keep this blog updated!


Friday, May 05, 2006

Fear The Elderly!!!

So I went to Quiznos to get a Beef Dip (which are delicious by the way!) And as I was eating and enjoying my "Raspberry Lemonade" I looked up and this old lady eating a sandwich was eye-balling me...I swear to you she was staring straight into my soul. As she slowly chewed I looked away, thinking maybe she was just spaced out hopped up on some old people meds or some junk, but I looked up again and SHE WAS STILL STAREING! Not in a loving grandma way but in a "If I had the strength of a 40 year old I'd strangle you!" way. My body then shifted to "fight or flight" mode. I began looking around the restaurant for all exit's incase i had to flee! Adrenalin raced through my veins as she got up (very slowly) walked toward me...closer...closer...then right past me to the trashcan. I feel so luck as to lived through this encounter, but I swear to you if our paths were to meet again...I'll Be DEAD!


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Livin' El Pollo Loco!

So i was eating my $1 BRC burrito when i noticed this guy tring to convince his elderly parents to buy a computer. He was showing them this Dell™ ad in the newspaper and i am sure they had no idea what he was talking about! They were acting like they understood for his sake, but they didn't. As i think about it it almost seemed as if he wasnt even related to it was some sort of scam to buy Dell™ computers off him. Maybe he has them made in the extra room of his 3 bedroom apartment! Kids assembleing them for like 10 cents a day. And because they have tiny fingers they can work faster to build more DELL'S™!...

Anyways here is a quick 15 min sketch i did of the dude with a blue BIC™ pen and some scrap paper.